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Killer drivers will now receive the new dangerous driving penalty of life imprisonment, following criticisms that reckless drivers are not punished appropriately.

Death by dangerous driving is a serious offence, one which the Ministry of Justice has decided needs stricter punishments, to not only discipline current offenders whose actions have caused death, but to teach those who already attempt to bend the rules the serious consequences of reckless driving.

Statistics from ASIRT (Association for Safe International Road Travel), reveal that each year a staggering 1.3 million people are killed in road crashes, equating to 3,287 deaths a day on average.

Drivers who have caused death by dangerous driving, drink/drug driving or careless driving will fall into the highest punishment level category, being sentenced to a life in prison. Additionally, drivers who are responsible for killing a person when speeding, street racing/chasing or using a mobile phone behind the wheel, will be given a manslaughter sentence, or the equivalent of.

Road safety charity, Brake, commented that this new change to the law is a “major victory” for the victims’ families who have suffered a loss as result of reckless driving.

Will new laws improve road safety?

Whether an accident occurs due to unsafe driving, drink driving or texting while driving, many still believe that this new law won’t prevent dangerous driving habits, despite constant efforts to alter laws and improve road safety on UK roads.

Although the news comes as a victory for most, some believe imposing these new laws will not guarantee an increase in road safety, simply because a driver’s intentions cannot always be controlled, even with new laws like this one being put into place.

Barrister Matthew Scott commented that, although it would rightly punish those who are convicted of reckless driving, in his opinion, the new law will not improve road safety.

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