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A ‘green bridge’ has been developed by Highways England in a bid to reduce the number of road traffic accidents occurring daily across the UK. With a constant strive for eco-friendly roads and an increase in road safety, Highways England has built the green bridge to prevent animal-related road accidents.

The animal-friendly green bridge, located at the Knutsford to Bowdon dual carriageway, is the first to arrive in the UK. The green bridge is no stranger to other European countries and even North America, where wildlife crossings have successfully improved road safety.

The environment suffers as a result of road networks, motorways and railways. Green bridges are installed so that both people and wildlife can cross over busy main roads and railways. Highways England says the new wildlife overpass will have a positive effect on both roads and animal welfare by protecting natural habitat.

Natural England’s Senior Transport Specialist, Clare Warburton, comments: “By giving wildlife a clear route across major roads, green bridges also increase safety for roads users and animals alike.”

As well as safety for animals and active road users, the bridge offers numerous benefits for the environment. The increase of vehicle usage means roads and motorways have replaced what were once idyllic landscapes. Highways England has therefore introduced the new bridge and an impressive Green Screen to re-establish a greener environment.

The Green Screen, supplied by Mobilane Green Screens, features a wall of shrubbery, ivy and planted trees.

Paul Garlick, from Mobilane, said: “Green Screens have a wide range of uses for domestic, public sector and commercial applications including housing developments, schools, hospitals and car parks. Many local authorities use them on roadside verges. However, the use of our Screens on this ‘green bridge’ is a first. It really helps to underline the sustainability credentials of the Screens and we are very proud they have been used on this landmark construction.”