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Thousands of council gritters have been out on main roads across the country this week as temperatures continue to drop below freezing.

Councils are monitoring round the clock weather updates with falling temperatures and wintry showers turning some roads icy in places and deploying gritting fleets to treat thousands of miles of roads.

Community grit bins have been filled so members of the public can access salt and street cleaning crews have been given shovels and salt to help out in hard to reach areas.

Councils are using their websites and Twitter feeds to keep residents constantly updated on the latest information on weather forecasts, road conditions and gritting activity.

Staff will be checking in on residents during the freezing weather but people are also being encouraged to call in on their elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

Cllr Peter Box, chair of the Local Government Association’s economy and transport board, said: “Councils have stayed one step ahead of the weather and have been out in force gritting main routes as temperatures drop to keep roads moving.

“They are as prepared as ever for winter with around 1.3 million tonnes of salt stockpiled, state-of-the-art gritters deployed, community grit bins filled and volunteers recruited to help people clear their pavements, paths and side streets.”