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Plans to build the new 6bn Lower Thames Crossing, which will connect Essex and Kent roads, may be reconsidered if Jeremy Corbyn wins the general election on the 8th of June.

From the outset, the Labour party have disagreed with plans to build the Lower Thames Crossing. As the general election looms closer, fears arise that the construction of the crossing will be delayed or cut completely.

Plans for the new crossing, which would improve journeys, road safety and ease congestion, were confirmed by the government in April this year. Gareth Johnson, who is up for re-election as Datford’s Conservative MP, states Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to change or remove the current plans will have a damaging effect in the future.

Mr Johnson said: “This is another reason why a Labour government would be a disaster for our town as it’s now party policy to scrap our plans to have another crossing away from Dartford and to potentially have another crossing at Dartford. It flies in the face of common sense and everything we have been saying on this.”

Any changes to future plans for the crossing will be revealed after the Prime Minister is announced in the general election next week.