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Police chiefs are currently reviewing the existing ‘buffer zone’ for speeding on UK motorways, a clause which allows motorists to go over the speed limit, without facing consequences like speeding fines and licence points.

The ‘buffer zone’ allows motorists to drive to up to 34 mph without being fined or punished for exceeding the speed limit.

Currently, drivers who are caught exceeding the speed limit, including the ‘buffer zone’ are ordered to take a speed awareness course and repeat offenders are given a fine of £100, as well as three penalty points on their licence.

Chief Constable Anthony Bangham thinks the current ‘buffer zone’ allows motorists to accept that “it is okay to speed”, which is precisely the problem he wants to combat to improve road safety and punish speedy motorists. Introducing the fine to drivers exceeding the speed limit for even just 1 mph could potentially prevent this problem, says police chiefs.

The AA have contested the idea to potentially implement changes to speed limits, noting that it will do more harm than good with regards to road safety. An AA spokesperson said: “When you’re concerned that you might be 1 mph over the speed limit you’ll be looking more at your speedometer than the road ahead.

“People will have one eye on the road and one eye on their speed, when both eyes should be on the road. That would be our biggest concern with the change.”