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Smart motorways were designed to improve road safety and reduce congestion. So far, they have proven that by using pioneering technology, motorway issues have improved. However, new reports from Transport Focus reveal that many drivers do not understand smart motorways as well as they should and, as a result, become confused when driving on them.

Chief Executive of Transport Focus, Anthony Smith, said “What’s been missing until now is an understanding of how road users experience smart motorways.

“…many millions of drivers successfully use smart motorways, but there is more to do to improve their understanding of how they work and what you should do if you break down.

“Road users tend to trust that “the authorities” would not allow motorways without a hard shoulder if it was unsafe.”

Smart motorways actively change the speed limit during a driver’s journey, to ensure a smooth run of traffic, and keep congestion to a minimum. Specialised pioneering technology maintains safe travelling for all drivers. The electronic panels warn drivers of any road closures and also alert and update them on any congestion or hazards coming up ahead, including lane closures.

Anglo Liners’ top tips for driving safely on a smart motorway:

  •              Never drive in a lane closed by a red “X”, this lane should be avoided at all times
  •              Always read the speed limit shown on the gantries and stick to it; safety is key on any road, particularly on a motorway
  •              In the event of an emergency or breakdown, use the refuge areas if there is no hard shoulder
  •              The hard shoulder is a solid white line that you will see when driving. Don’t drive in the hard shoulder lane, unless instructed to or directed to.
  •              A broken white line on a smart motorway is classed as a normal running lane
  •              If you start to experience any difficulties that will affect the safety of your driving, e.g. a flat tyre or broken windscreen wipers in torrential rain, safely exit the smart motorway as quickly and efficiently as possible
  •              Use your hazard lights when you break down, to help warn other drivers travelling towards your direction

As a road marking company, our main focus is to provide road safety in every way we can. Keep updated every Wednesday for the latest road safety news.