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Over half of UK drivers have revealed concerns over increasing levels of road congestion, according to a survey launched by the RAC.

Motorists revealed they felt traffic problems had risen in the last year due to an increase in congestion on UK roads. In fact, 61% of drivers felt motorway traffic in particular has worsened over the past 12 months.

Over 1,727 drivers were surveyed to find out if motorists had noticed a difference in traffic levels when driving over the past year. The results proved motorways to be the roads most affected by rising congestion levels, with 61% of respondents claiming they’ve recognised a significant difference in traffic problems.

Drivers revealed what they believed to be the reasons why traffic has increased so rapidly on motorways, with 45% of people stating motorists who hog the middle lane on motorways across the UK are responsible for causing increased congestion.

Shockingly, 47% blamed road works for causing traffic delays, however roadworks may cause delays, but they are only a temporary fixture. In fact, roadworks are implemented to improve roads and provide smoother journeys for drivers travelling on A-roads, dual carriageways, motorways and day-to-day roads across the UK.  

So, why has 2017 faced so many traffic problems? Perhaps, it is that more people are learning to drive and commuting to work. Maybe then, this new information is proof more UK drivers need to turn to public transport for short journeys, not only to improve congestion levels, but to help keep levels of pollution down, too.