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zebra crossing

Transport Focus is now urging the Government to take pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, all of whom are considered to be the most vulnerable road users, into consideration when it comes to upgrading road schemes and designs.

The watchdog transport group wants to highlight the importance of factoring in more suitable crossings for vulnerable road users and push for additional road markings that will protect pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians from encountering problems, which consequently lead to road traffic accidents and serious collisions.

Transport Focus noted that new road layouts need to be designed with these groups in mind and recently conducted research to find out how these vulnerable road users felt when crossing on or travelling along SRN roads. Remarkably, cyclists, equestrians and pedestrians all faced the same problems, noting that new road designs do not consider their needs. Similarly, they were all happy to participate in further research regarding their concerns on the road to raise awareness on which elements of safety need to be factored into new road designs.

Chief executive Anthony Smith commented: “Cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians use many of Highways England’s major A roads throughout the country on a daily basis. It’s important that roads are designed with them in mind as well as motorists.

“This insight should help Highways England and the Government to focus investment and effort on things that make a real difference for these road users.”

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