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Local residents and businesses could be given powers to challenge councils over the use of yellow lines and unfair parking charges.

Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles wants to give people a say over parking policies in their area by the use of petitions.

Pickles proposals would need a minimum of 50 council tax payers signatures or at least 10% of the residents or businesses in the affected local areas.

In response to a petition, local authorities will be required to review their parking policy in a specified location and produce a report for consideration by councillors in an appropriate public council meeting.

Pickles said: Too often yellow lines are imposed on neighbourhoods or the high street without fair consideration of the livelihood of residents, local shops or the availability of parking spaces.

Now local people will have a direct and democratic right to trigger a formal council led review of road restrictions in their area.

Town centres need to allow for proper traffic flow, but incessant yellow lines, CCTV spy cars and trigger happy parking wardens make everyday life unbearable for drivers looking for somewhere to park when shopping locally.

This government is standing up for hard working people and tackling over-zealous parking enforcement practices and unfair parking charges that force people away from the high street and into out-of-town shopping centres or online.