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The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) has called on the incoming government to make local road funding a priority.

The estimated cost to get the local road network in England and Wales back into reasonable condition is still £12 billion, according to the 20th Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) Survey, which is commissioned by the AIA.

Chairman Alan Mackenzie said: Our recently published Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey shows that current funding is only enough for local authorities to keep pace with repairs and will not prevent continuing deterioration.

Recent research commissioned by the RAC Foundation however, highlights that tackling the condition of roads and pavements is seen by British adults as the single most important transport priority for the next government.

Given this, it is disappointing to see that there is little “if any” reference to roads in the election manifestos of the main political parties. Our local road network represents 98% of all our roads and carries two thirds of traffic yet receives a fraction of the funding allocated to the strategic road network.

Under current funding commitments, every mile of our motorways and trunk roads will receive £1.4 million funding over the next six years while our local roads will see just £31,000 per mile (Source: LGA).

This is only enough for local authorities to keep pace with repairs but will do nothing to tackle the backlog or prevent continuing deterioration.

It is critical that any incoming government recognises the importance of the funding commitments that are already in place, and the need to reach a position where our roads are maintained properly.

The AIA produces the ALARM survey to provide a detailed picture of the condition of the local road network and enable insightful analysis of road maintenance and funding issues. This year’s survey, the 20th, can be downloaded at