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MPs are discussing ways to improve cycling safety after reports revealed a severe increase in dangerous driving. Every day, vehicle drivers enter cycle lanes in the midst of congested traffic, leaving little room for cyclists to ride safely. This dangerous attitude towards bike users means the chance of a collision occurring is continually increasing and needs to be acted on.

Currently, little is done to protect cyclists, who are increasingly at risk of being involved in road traffic accidents. Updating worn cycle lanes and improving road markings are crucial steps that must be taken if the UK wants to reduce the number of accidents occurring daily.

Cycling UK found: “Around 70% of non-cyclists in Britain feel that it is too dangerous for them to cycle on the roads; and over half (51%) of those who do cycle share this view.”

MPs state that introducing new efforts, such as improved policing, will provide more support for cyclists involved in major road accidents. However, one major aspect of improvement MPs have not discussed is improving and updating road markings.

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) have proposed to revise the Highway Code to help improve cyclist safety. This action would detail clearer cyclist priority on the roads and emphasise the need for further road markings.

Providing clearer road markings and updating the Highway Code in this way will offer support to cyclists involved in major road accidents. Making these changes will ensure vehicle drivers who dismiss or loosely abide by cyclist road safety rules will be penalised, as currently MPs feel cyclist accidents are increasing but action for vulnerable cyclists is not.

As well as updating the Highway Code, accident investigation is crucial. The Ministry of Justice will now study why accident investigation has declined and what further action is needed to protect cyclists on UK roads.