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A key concern for drivers when it comes to road safety is the lack of visibility, particularly when driving down dark streets and country roads – which is surprising in an age where technology is so rife.

The tech gurus at Continental are working to improve this by 2020, designing new, modern LED technology that will transform traditional headlights to automatic beams. The new adaptable headlights will automatically change shape, emitting brighter light strength and helping everyday motorists to drive safely in poor-visibility-zones, as well as improving safety for vulnerable road users.

Continental is also working to create lights that alert drivers when pedestrians and other road users come into close contact with a vehicle, which will be developed using laser and matrix light technology, which are already features in some premium cars.

The tech company notes that the launch of this futuristic technology will be ready by 2020, and it won’t end there. In fact, they predict this astounding car feature will be found in many modern cars “pretty soon” after its launch, with talk that it will feature in many autonomous cars, too.

Continental’s Product Marketing Manager, Anette Hebling, comments: “As an example, a black pixel can be introduced to the LED beam to stop the light from hitting specific windows on buildings the car is passing, while increasing the beam on other parts, such as pedestrians crossing.

“With cars that are able to recognise pedestrians, the new light technology will eventually be able to project images such as crosswalks for them if they are crossing the road.”

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