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A new study by the LGA, released on the 17th January 2017, shows that the pothole repair bill has grown significantly. The study suggests this could be due to a long line of harsh winters in recent years, and worsened by underfunding from changing multiple governments. The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) annual ALARM survey reports that:

  • Total spend has increased from £9.8 billion in 2012 to £11.8 billion in 2016
  • This spend is projected to increase to £14 billion by 2019, three times the council’s revenue spending on highways and transport
  • Pothole repair time has increased from almost 11 years in 2006 to 14 years in 2016
  • Local councils fix almost two million potholes a year, which is an average of 12,000 potholes per local authority
  • The local authorities average highway maintenance budget has fallen by 16 percent

To tackle this problem, the LGA are asking the government to put another £1 billion-per-year into road maintenance, even when the English authority has an estimated one-off cost of £69 million to bring UK roads up to a reasonable standard.

LGA Transport Spokesman Martin Tett said: “Councils share the frustration of motorists having to pay to drive on roads that are often inadequate.” He continues to on to say our roads crisis is only going to get worse unless we address it as a national priority. The Government’s own traffic projections predict a potential increase in local traffic of up to 55 percent by 2040.”

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Quote and statistics sourced from the Local Government Association Website;