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sink hole

Forty tonnes of pea shingle have been used to fill and stabilise a 15-foot deep sinkhole that forced the closure of the M2 earlier this week.

The hole, which measured approximately five metres long, two metres wide, and about five metres deep (15—6.5x15ft), opened up in the central reservation on Tuesday (11 February). It forced the closure of a section of the motorway between junctions 5 and 6.

The M2 has partially reopened this morning (Thursday 14 February). Traffic is using the hard shoulder only on the eastbound carriageway, westbound traffic is using the hard shoulder and lane one past the scene.

A statement issued by the Highways Agency on Wednesday (12 February) said: The Highways Agency and its contractors have been working to establish the cause and extent of the five metre deep hole which appeared in the central reservation. Geotechnical investigations have continued and the cavity has been filled with 40 tonnes of pea shingle to stabilise the hole to enable further assessment.

That assessment, which is likely to take at least another 48 hours, will be carried out in and around the hole. For the safety of road users and road workers lanes 1 and 2 of the motorway will remain closed.