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The progress of more than 100 transport projects worth a total of over £140 billion can be viewed on an interactive map.

The 2014 summer refresh is an update to the government’s National Infrastructure Plan and delivers on its commitment to the infrastructure supply chain to provide updates twice a year.

The information is supplied by Barbour ABI  a provider of market insight and intelligence for the built environment community.

Information on the website reads as follows: The mid-year refresh of the pipeline enhances visibility and certainty for investors and the supply chain, and allows government to work more effectively to ensure that its infrastructure needs are met. The data covers infrastructure projects and programmes from across the public and private sectors and is published in the form of a spreadsheet and an online interactive map.

The pipeline provides a strategic overview of the level of public and private infrastructure investment planned over the rest of this decade and beyond (though in sectors such as energy, ports and waste, the decision to go ahead with individual projects will be determined by the market).

To view the map click here.